The whitey tape is here!!

Read the backstory here.


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4 Responses to “The whitey tape is here!!”

  1. Ray Slorken Says:

    This is sensational!! What a scoop!

  2. gonzotx Says:

    Radar Mag, gee run by young entitled nobodys. Kool=aid drinkers.

  3. Bridgette Says:

    That Radar video is so dumb! “What is coming out of her eye?!” Hmmm, I wonder? I mean, come on…is that a serious question?! Not to mention the stupid girl said it long before Hillary even got choked up!! AND a tear never even actually dropped…she just got teary eyed, she didn’t cry.

  4. MaritaLopez Says:

    You are a fucking and bastard bitch. you deserve that someone catchs you and …clean your repugnant brain.

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